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487 Arkansas Ave, Vernonia, OR 97064
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Carpenter’s Guest House

Carpenter’s Guest House

Welcome to the Carpenter’s Guest House

Experience the allure of Carpenter’s Guest House, where you can revel in captivating hiking and biking trails, marvel at the breathtaking autumn hues, encounter enchanting wildlife, explore charming local shops and eateries, all while being treated to the mesmerizing spectacle of star-studded night skies. Embrace Vernonia, Oregon – an extraordinary destination waiting to be discovered.

Rooms & Amenities

Each room at the Carpenter’s Guest House has its own special charm.

Places to Visit

Vernonia has a lot to offer and we pride ourselves in our outdoor recreation.

Make Your Reservation

For reservations, call (541) 961-8601 Monday – Saturday from 8am to 9pm.

Hello, we’re Mac & Julie McCallum and we welcome you to come stay in our comfortable guesthouse while you enjoy our beautiful town and the local area.

Greg & Julie McCallum
Greg & Julie McCallum
Greg & Julie McCallum
Greg & Julie McCallum
Greg & Julie McCallum

About Us

The Carpenters Guest House was built in 1924. Over the years it has had a colorful history. Some of the stories that have circulated have been that George Washington boarded his horses on the property, it was a house of ill repute, and that it was the home of the manager of The Oregon-American Lumber Company.

In 2013, Mac and Julie McCallum purchased the 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home. Their intentions were to rent out the downstairs apartment while using the rest of the home as living space for them and their 3 children. As their kids grew up and moved out they converted their rooms to guestrooms as well. Since the home was built in 1924 it has inspired a 1920’s theme in some of the rooms. Vernonia is unique because it is an old fashioned eclectic town. It has some old, some new and the Carpenters Guest House is a reflection of both.

Vernonia, Oregon

Vernonia is a historic little town nestled in the pacific coast range. There are amazing bike trails, places to hunt and fish, and local festivals throughout the year. There are also restaurants, shops, and art galleries.

The Vernonia Mill Pond is a great place to fish with the family, and has a nice walking path around the lake. Stub Stewart State Park, the golf course and the Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail are fun places to visit. Vernonia is an hour from the city of Portland and 45 minutes from Cannon Beach or Seaside on the Oregon Coast.