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Maura and Stan

A very quiet, comfortable stay. We really liked the pumpkin pancakes and great coffee-perfect bicycling food! Thank you.

Bob Michaels

Great experience-comfortable, good food and wonderful hospitality. Thanks for everything and best wishes for your family

Crystal and Elle Roberts

Thank you so much for having us last minute! Your home is lovely! Pinterest has nothing on you! (lol) I’ll definitely be bringing my hubby back with me.

Rich Bohnsack

What a really pleasant experience. I’ll take this over a Residence Inn any day. It’s like coming home without the work. Nice people.

Anita Roberts

Such a lovely, comfortable place to stay. Thank you for your hospitality and home.

Gwen Walcott

What an outstanding experience. Your hospitality was superb and very comforting. You’ve made my stay very pleasurable and will guarantee my future return. Thank you for everything you have done.

Martin Russell

Quiet, comfortable, great food… perfect for a flying holiday. Thank you so much.

Judy Ouellette

Thank you so much for everything! The room is lovely and so comfy! Our breakfast was perfect and cinnamon rolls were fantastic!!! You made us feel very at ease and welcoming. Thanks again!

Ron & Deb Lowrance

Thank you for the warm hospitality & yummy breakfasts. We really enjoyed our stay.